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  1. Fbdonkey

    recording podcast now

    recording podcast now
  2. Fbdonkey

    2019 Ranked SCC League Registration

    FBDonkey About 5k . Any of the top 3 leagues fine
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    Pre-season 2019 - Burning Down the House

  4. Fbdonkey

    Podcast-Come back Boys!!!

    Thanks for the interest guys. Our plans for season 2019 are not locked in yet but we will release a series of preseason shows. The first one will be recorded today.
  5. Fbdonkey

    Round 10 Discussion & Trade Talk

    This is supposed to be Danger week. I'm not ready to deal with the backline yet!
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    Veteran League codes will be out this week

    Veteran League codes will be out this week
  7. Fbdonkey

    Im back! Supercoach is now open

    Im back! Supercoach is now open
  8. Fbdonkey

    Podcast Guests

    I love having Jack on the show. He helps me think a bit differently about the game. So is anyone on here putting their hand up?
  9. Fbdonkey

    Round 8 Trades......

    Could you do Pickett to Heeney and Swallow to Yeo? I don't like the idea of carrying both Pickett and Eddy for too much longer when they aren't making u $. Personally I've traded out both of them.
  10. Fbdonkey

    Round 8 Trades......

    I like option 3. All seem decent tho
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    Round 7 Trades

    23 trades after this week is fine. You could max trade from now until the end of the byes and still have 8 left for the last 10 weeks
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    Thanks mate. Appreciate the love.
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    This is ridiculous. No other group has ever had a showing like that before. Well done everyone.
  14. Fbdonkey

    Round 4 Trades

    Apparently Cameron injured his shoulder - otherwise he probably would have made the trip
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    Awesome start. Thanks to everyone involved. It's really important that everyone maintains their teams if you want a good league ranking.
  16. Fbdonkey

    What should i do with Crameri

    That's a bit drastic. Crameri to Steele is probably a good place to start. You should spend a bit more time in the threads on this forum if you want to learn why picking him might not have been a great idea.
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    2017 Supercoach Scoring

    LiveHQ has moved on the heraldsun website so using the old link won't work. You have to click through on the heraldsun home page to the match centre. Freako had the right scores I believe so I'm not sure that it was CDs fault
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    Suggestion for next show

    Thanks for your input. This is as good a place as any to put these questions. We normally put a call out on social media for questions on a Tuesday morning. The short answer to your questions are: a) rookie selection can be a bit of a minefield and there is a lot of luck involved - especially...
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    2017 Supercoach Scoring

    They normally notify us of any changes with an article in the HS. There is definitely something different going on. A lot of players getting big stats early but barely registering in the scoring. The final end of game scoring seems to be a much better representation than the in game scoring we...
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    The Podcast

    Do we need a thread on loopholing? It can't be quite confusing