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  1. Rupert

    Round 4 stuff

    Another week of correction trades for me: Young->Chapman and Phillips->Ridley via Dunkley and Clark The Young one is forced by injury and it gives me enough cash to bring in Ridley. I don't necessarily want to lose Phillips - although he's been disappointing - but I don't want to be without...
  2. Rupert

    SC Scoring System

    I haven't noticed it before but the SC site provides a breakdown of their scoring system. Is it a new feature this year? For those without SC Plus: handball: effective - 1.5; ineffective - 0; clanger - minus 4 handball receive: 1.5 kicks: effective - 4; ineffective - 0; clanger - minus 4 mark...
  3. Rupert

    Round 8 musings

    In case anyone missed them SC have made some changes to cover the byes in rounds 10-11: an extra 4 trades - total now 34 best 18 for any round with less than 9 games - that's currently rnds.10-11 3 trades for each of rnds.9-12 - to help prepare for and recover from the bye rounds atm I don't...
  4. Rupert

    Round 6-? Hubs

    Lots of fun, eh? With all Victorian teams playing interstate and new hubs I thought it would be good if we could post whatever we know about who is or isn't traveling - either due to injury or family. With each club taking their own approach there is little commonality. Sainters: "All 45...
  5. Rupert

    2019 Finals Discussion

    I thought it might be nice to have a place to post any thoughts, comments, reflections. whatever that occur during finals but not specifically limited to the finals. As a Sainter with no specific team to support in the finals I just hope that the team that plays the most attractive football...
  6. Rupert

    Round 22 Discussion and Trades

    J Kelly is supposed to return this week. Which is welcome news for my team as he warmed my bench for the 5 weeks he was out. Which meant I was taking Clarke's scores - he averaged 65 so it could have been worse, I suppose. As Kelly is now in only 7% of teams I'm hoping he will go big and be a...
  7. Rupert

    Round 21 Discussion and Trades

    More of a general discussion rather than one focused on trades, I suppose. I doubt many of us have any trades to waste, probably holding on to their last one (or two) in case of injury. With Kelly still missing and Lycett a surprise out, my last planned trade - Logue->whoever - was put on hold...
  8. Rupert

    Round 20 Discussion and Trades

    Four rounds to go and this week I'm using my last trade to do a final upgrade: Logue->Rich. I'd rather bring in Houli but I'm $1,700 short and Rich is the next best defender not already in my team. I know leaving myself with no trades is a bit of a risk but I've got reasonable cover: Answerth...
  9. Rupert

    Round 18 Discussion and Trades

    The good and bad of Ross Lyon: he brings back Logue and Bewley - good - in the same week Fyfe is out injured - bad - after Lyon had said earlier in the week that Fyfe was fine. At least most of us should have the bench to cover Fyfe's absence but if you have all of Fyfe, Kelly and Coniglio you'd...
  10. Rupert

    Round 17 Discussion and Trades

    Only suffered the one donut last round - prepared for Gawn to be out but in the process left my fwd bench bare so when Boak missed that was it. It could have been worse as I know of at least one person who had two donuts. This week I bring in Hurn which will leave me with one final defence...
  11. Rupert

    Round 16 Discussion and Trades

    I had a good week largely due to a few of my PODs scoring well: Lycett "c", Cunnington and Ziebell. The big issue for rnd.16 might be the status of Gawn - how injured is he? will he play? According to Goodwin he should be OK but who knows? I brought in Lycett for just such a situation but I'm a...
  12. Rupert

    Round 15 Discussion and Trades

    Good-by to the byes and hello to the run home. I hope everyone emerged relatively unscathed and with an (almost) upgraded team full of premiums. My team is still two back premiums short as I'm planning to bring in Hurn and Whitfield when their prices have dropped. Both have large BEs so it might...
  13. Rupert

    Round 14 Discussion and Trades

    Two down and one to go! I hope everyone has done OK so far. This week it looks like most teams should score well. With teams upgraded and able to field 20 or more there should be less of those pesky rookie scores counted. After trades, I should be able to have 20 on field with 7 rookies but...
  14. Rupert

    Round 13 Discussion and Trades

    Well, I hope people got through the first bye week OK. As is often said, you can make up good ground in the rankings if you have prepared well and have a bit of luck. I've got 16 on field before trades this week- assuming Stocker and Hayes don't play. So I'll probably be bringing in Bewley and...
  15. Rupert

    Roound 12 Discussion and Trades

    First bye week and things get very interesting indeed. I've got 19 on-field if everyone plays, 16 if all of Z Williams, Whitfield and M Crouch are out. I'd rather not trade but I may have no option.
  16. Rupert

    Round 11 Discussion and Trades

    With two reasonable rookies on the bubble this week I'm thinking of a double down-grade. Hinge ($123,900 def) and O Baker ($123,900 mid) are the obvious trade-ins but who to trade out? In defence, Scrimshaw looks the best: 75BE and 66av. In the mids it's probably Constable if he misses again.
  17. Rupert

    Round 10 Discussion and Trades

    All my rookies performed terribly this week and most have high BEs. I would really like to move them on. Unfortunately, there aren't too many replacements available. Wills and Marsh - iffy JS and pricey, Farrell - maybe better JS but even pricier I may just have to hold on to my rookies and...
  18. Rupert

    Round 8 Discussion and Trades

    It sounds like most people are looking at a double down-grade this week. But to whom? The most likely prospects: Joyce,D: $123,900 - 60 and 67, StKilda def Answerth,N: $117,300 - 69 and 72, Brisbane D/M Hately,J: $148,800 - 95 and 85, GWS mid Larkey,N: $123,900 - 75 and 40, North fwd...
  19. Rupert

    Round 5 Discussion and Trades

    atm my team is holding it's own but that's about all. Trading Darling->Marshall was a qualified success - Darling score 90SC - but looking good for the long-term. No obvious trades this week. Of my rookies only Parker is a possibility with a 46BE but there are no suitable fwd downgrade targets...
  20. Rupert

    Round 4 Discussion and Trades

    I'm happy enough with most of my team. I don't have Lloyd, Neale, Libba or Boak but it's not worth losing cash-making rookies while trying to get them in. My only problem child is Darling. I was going to hold him but if R Marshall is selected as sole ruck again I will probably bring him in for...