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    Round 5

    Ryder appealing suspension but I reckon he's cooked as Day was concussed. Players know the onus is on them if they're going to bump, and Ryder wasn't even in the contest and initiated the contact, so not sure what ground there is for appeal. Must be one of those 'free swing' circumstances...
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    2021 Ranked SCC League Registration

    Thanks mate. I couldn't find it because my team was incomplete. 2020: 1557 2019: 4377 2018: 1688 2017: 3582 2016: 8600 2015: 851 2014: 2044
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    2021 Ranked SCC League Registration

    Can someone kindly remind me how to access previous years' finishing positions?
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    Round 4 stuff

    135 in the end from Grundy. I’m locking it in but wouldn’t be surprised if Gawn beat that against Darcy Fort.
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    Round 3 Discussion

    I wonder if we should just revert back to normal length quarters.
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    2020 restart

    I’d rather wait until he’s on the bubble personally, just in case. Also I don’t have any pressing need to lose any of my forwards. He’s risky but his price reflects that.
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    2020 restart

    Yeah no idea sorry mate. I just assumed it would stay the same, but NFI really.
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    Revised 2020 Supercoach Rules

    Well the 3300 supercoach point pie remains, even though the length of the quarters has reduced. Put very basically/simply, an act that previously scored 1 point should now receive 1.25 (because the length of the match has reduced by 20%).
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    2020 Rucks

    I think so. Simply because I have more faith in Naismith scoring 70 than the rookies I’ll be playing on field otherwise. Mind you I will feel sick every time Gawn plays.
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    SuperCoachCoach #2 - Season 2020

    Cheers @Marcus SCC, I’m in
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    2020 Rucks

    I was playing around with my side today and putting in all these guys I've publicly said "I'm taking"..... well guess what, I can't afford them all! I honestly think a 251k R3 is impossible.
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    2020 Backs

    It's hard to see Houston being a complete bust if he plays in the middle...... I'm just not sure he sets the world on fire either. I've got him in for now.
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    2020 Backs

    Happy to wait and see at that price. Call it the Dawson effect. Picking him for sure. Farking jet. Zac is such a great little player and the Giants could win 18 games this year...... would love to pick him.
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    2020 Forwards

    Yeah I agree. I saw him live at Docklands last year and thought he looked a bit chucky/solid and lacking aerobic capacity. But they've got Darren Burgess there now I think, and if he's got the Trac slimmed down and ready to play in the midfield, then yep, I'm ready to roll that dice too.
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    2020 Rucks

    I think so. Who are people looking at for their R3 spot?