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    2021 Ranked SCC League Registration

    Team name: Chango Unchained 2020 rank: 6847
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    2019 Ranked SCC League Registration

    Team Name: Change Unchained 2018 Ranking: 6264 2017 Ranking: 10000~ Hope I'm not too late!
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    SuperCoachCoach #18 - Season 2018

    Changounchained, in.
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    League Registration 2018 - Ranked SCC Leagues

    Team name: Chango Unchained 2017: 30018 2016: 24096 2015: 5761 I'm looking forward to a great year hopefully!
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    R15 Trades

    hey what do you guys think of broad? Do you reckon he's good enough to go early? I know JS probably isn't great....but I'm looking for a final downgrade to fund my last trades to complete my team...was looking to trade hopper or mccarthy down and can get a rookie in DEF, FWD or MID via swings if...
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    Round 8 trades

    I reckon trade mills and mccarthy to petracca and premo fwd.... cash gen + will cover your forward doughnut...! plus opens dpp fwd/mid with petracca..
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    Injuries/Late outs

    i wonder how many teams will feature the krispy kreme this round...
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    Round 8 trades

    I agree, I think Zorko is definitely legit. Dahlhaus has been great this year and fairly consistent, but I think Zorko has been the same - plus a higher ceiling..?
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    Round 8 trades

    I'd go one down and one up mate. 326k in the bank and 25 trades...i reckon pull the pin on mills/mcarthy/davis/adams/weitering and bringing in a premo in your mid.. having gray on the bench is a lot of scoring potential so id bring in somebody there! Also reduces the number of playing rookies...
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    Round 8 trades

    Hey guys i'm looking for some advice! I'm downgrading to petracca from mills, but i am also going to upgrade higgins (yeah i know. left field POD that hasn't paid off). My three options are to bring in Zorko, Dahlhaus, swing to bring in C Ward or swing to bring in Heath Shaw...! Who should I...
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    Rookies 2016

    thoughts on Darcy Tucker? Reckon his JS is worthy enough for him to come in?
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    Round 7 Trades

    Hmm that's true... do you think theres a chance he might come back in this week? He wasn't playing that bad was he? haha!
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    Round 7 Trades

    I'm thinking of going Weitering and Dea to Tom Lee and maybe a Kade Simpson/Docherty/Laird.....what do you guys think? :) .. Alternatively I can make those trades, swing M. Brown back to the def and bring in a FWD like Dusty since he has bottomed out a bit.... I went in with a mid/fwd heavy...
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    Rookies 2016

    Perhaps you could be a bit more accommodating and suggest that instead of being so rude. I did read that on the Rd 5 Trades thread after I had posted so I apologise for asking a question that has already been answered about 35 different ways, and yes, it did help. If you might have looked, I am...
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    Rookies 2016

    hey guys what are you thinking about trading out papley? could over 100+k and swap tippa or brown etc into the fwd line to get in byrne-jones or similar? I know papley might have a bit more cash to make but BE is like 62 and could start making cash on one of those bubble rookies earlier...