Midfield Show: Pre-Season 2016 » #SCCPodcast.PS2

This week, "The Midfield Show" kicks off our positional series for SuperCoach pre-season 2016!

Midfielders lead the way in terms of SuperCoach scoring. They average the most points, are the most consistent, and command the most slots on-field. How you spend your money in your starting midfield can be crucial to setting you up for a season of success!

SuperCoach is Back: 2016 » #SCCPodcast.PS1

SuperCoach is back, and so are we!

FBDonkey & I are proud to say this is our 8th season kick-off together, and if we haven't reminded you enough - we are the longest running SuperCoach podcast, nay AFL fantasy podcast, in the world!

Thank you to our AMAZING community for your support over the years, and for returning for season 2016 :)