Rookies, Backline Premiums & More #SCCPodcast.2016-R7

Rookies are top-of-mind this week! After four price movements, the cash cows are starting to moo. We identify the top rookie trade-outs, as well as consider the downgrade options.

We also discuss backline premiums for those upgrading a Dea/Weitering type this week, and finish the show by comparing D.Martin v M.Barlow v T.Greene!

Defenders Show: Pre-Season 2016 » #SCCPodcast.PS5

The defenders show is the last of our positional series for pre-season 2016, and also arguably the toughest position in SuperCoach this year!

With most of the premium options looking shaky, many coaches are looking to 'value premiums' or 'mid-pricers' to get the job done. Will the risk be worth the pay-off?

Consistency is king this week; catch the #SCCPodcast defenders show inside.

Rucks Show: Pre-Season 2016 » #SCCPodcast.PS4

"The Rucks Show": part 3 of our positional series for SuperCoach pre-season 2016!

Ruck decisions appear to be a bit more straightforward in 2016 as compared to previous years. We take a look at the more obvious 'set-and-forget' options, as well some riskier candidates with more potential upside. Also up for discussion: ruck cover and Ruck/Forward options. Durability is front-of-mind this week!

Forwards Show: Pre-Season 2016 » #SCCPodcast.PS3

"The Forwards Show": part 2 of our positional series for SuperCoach pre-season 2016!

The forward line looks to hold plenty of value this year. We spend quite a bit of time this week taking a look at the breakout candidates, as well as some bargain-priced players (sub-$350k). Also up for discussion: which of the top-line options to start with. It's all about spending your dollars smartly!

Midfield Show: Pre-Season 2016 » #SCCPodcast.PS2

This week, "The Midfield Show" kicks off our positional series for SuperCoach pre-season 2016!

Midfielders lead the way in terms of SuperCoach scoring. They average the most points, are the most consistent, and command the most slots on-field. How you spend your money in your starting midfield can be crucial to setting you up for a season of success!