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    Podcast-Come back Boys!!!

    I'm missing the boys wisdom this preseason!!! Can we organise/demand a pay-per-view? Organise a once of webchat perhaps? Close to the season launch. $10 per viewer to hear the boys chatting for an hour or two... I'd be in. Anyone else keen???!?!
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    A scc business idea.

    Hi All, just had a profitable thought, so decided to share it. I notice that you fellas are doing this for free. It's one of the best sc podcasts/resources on the Web and it costs you lots of time and resources each year to do. We appreciate it, but consider this. I'm not on twitter (so I'm not...
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    The super coach gods suck!!! Best way to cover round 11 carnage.

    So no bellchambers. No Bennell. No vanderberg. No krak. No Ryder. No Glen. Is it donut eating time for anyone else? If we fix this week we destroy rnd 12 or 13. Any creative ideas? Do we sideways trade Ryder and Bennell?