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    Round 7 - Slam Dunk, Neale down (and pray), feeling a bit Dusty = SC Carnage!!!

    Well it's been a tough round. I doubt that anyone will have missed "all" of the carnage (I'm affected by Dunkley & Dusty). I suspect some have copped it all. If that's you, RUOK? And that's not to mention some rookie challenges (non playing &/or poor scoring on field). I will keep Dusty...
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    Round 6 - In Like Flynn...

    Hey all. Somehow I missed a lot of the carnage last week. The SC Gods are fickle though so I fully expect to be punished soon! For anyone who copped the Ruck chaos - maybe some good news for you - sounds like Flynn will play this week :-)
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    Round 5 - Highmore and other defensive disasters...

    Hi all. Like many I am afflicted with Daniels, Highmore & Kosi in the back line. I'm not sure if I should hold trades and swallow a possible donut (assuming Kosi not named) or trade: - Go early on Lachie Jones (trade Highmore out); or - Side swap Daniels into a premo DEF (perhaps Stewart -...
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    Round 3 stuff

    Hey all. Hope you're going well so far. My team is tracking along ok and have fortunately only used 1 trade. I am making at least one trade this week - Cripps to either Dusty or Dunkley - just not sure which one to bring in though. I already have Macrae so might go with Dusty to avoid...
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    Round 2 Pondering's - What The Ruck?

    Getting in early... Premo Ruck - WTF? 6 Games in and Tom Hickey is the highest scoring Ruck followed by The Big O. Is there something different in the way the game is being played that perhaps impacts the Ruck?
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    Hi all. Hope everyone is doing ok. I am looking forward to a more normal footy/SC season this year. 2020 was disappointing but I'm keen to have a better year in 2021. Thought I'd create this thread to kick things off. I haven't really done my team yet but have started to check out a few...
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    The Finals Countdown....

    So how's it going for you? I know it's not quite the end of the round but I am pretty much locked in for one GF but likely to miss on my other comp. This round I must say I was feeling pretty pumped. My projected scores were looking good. Some cash, a few rookies available and 4 trades left...
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    Bye rounds part 2.15

    I'm a little confused about the upcoming SC rounds. If I look at SC leagues, my team looks like it's playing in round 16 (not round 15). How does that work?
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    Bye rounds part 2.14

    Hi all. Hope everyone is doing ok. This week I've decided to go hard with the 3 trades. 2 downgrades to generate some cash with a plan to do one upgrade. $580k in bank to do 1 upgrade. Will have 6 trades left after this round. Just not sure where to target the upgrade though - mid or def...
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    Round 12 Blur....b

    Part way into Round 12 and already have a bit of a curve ball after selections announced. I held onto Pittonet (other priorities / trades before the bye and had hoped he may recover some of his cash). This week he’s out injured. So I’m thinking one of the following options: 1. Go with...
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    Round 9 - The 20 day Footy Frenzy begins...

    Anyone know how the lock outs will work over the coming rounds? Is there a rolling lock out or just as per normal this week?
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    Round 7 ponderings

    A few nice rookies popped up last round (Rankine, Simpson & McPherson to name a few). What are people thinking about trading cadence now? I'm thinking a double downgrade with a view to doing 1 up / 1 down as of next round. Should we be doing 1 down / 1 up or maybe go with 2 downgrades to...
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    Round 4 stuff

    Injury carnage already this round.... Jeremy Howe injury tonight looks bad - who can replace him? Maynard has solid form and could fill the gap? Williams (GWS) - hammy Naismith & Naughton last night - GORN! Brody Grundy - 130 ish with VC - lock it in?
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    Is Clark Rubber?

    Can he bounce back?
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    Is Oxley Moron a Tragic Comedy?

    So Oxley had crap numbers (subbed out presumeably injured). Anyone heard what the issue is? Is he worth hanging onto until the bye round? Cheers
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    Kade Simpson...

    Ok so is it just me or has Kade Simpson just disappeared like a fart in the wind? Or am I being obtuse?