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  1. J-Dog

    Round 7 discussion & trades

    Hope some of you were smarter than me and jumped on Ross last week! I’m looking at bringing in two Bulldogs - Butters and Shultz to Hayes and Daniel
  2. J-Dog

    Auto log out

    For some reason when I use the site on my phone I get logged out automatically after a very short period of time. Last season I was able to stay permanently logged in for the entire season, where as now I'm having to enter my password every time I want to access the forum. Anyone had similar...
  3. J-Dog

    Brodie Smith

    This guy is driving me insane. Brought him in for Oxley at round 12 and I don't think he's scored above 70. Even though trades are getting very slim, worth a swap for Malceski or Kelly?
  4. J-Dog

    X vs Y

    Thought I'd make an X vs Y thread for anyone making final upgrades and tossing up between players. I'm looking to move Cripps either this week or next, so Priddis vs Hannebery?
  5. J-Dog


    Only in 1.6% of teams, what do we think of him as a POD? Dogs have a very friendly run home and he looks like he's learnt his lesson in the VFL and has really responded. I'm usually a bit reluctant to pick POD's as I figure you should look for scoring potential regardless of ownership, but he's...
  6. J-Dog


    Upgrading Tarrant to a midfielder and need a rd 13 bye for structure. Not really many options out there and I keep coming back to Selwood. Priddis would be good if not for his price and Shiel/Treloar only others I can see. My thinking is that there is no way Selwood averages less than 110...
  7. J-Dog

    Rd 8 captain

    Take 130 from Danger or back in Fyfe in his 100th? Who does everyone else have?
  8. J-Dog

    Just when you thought things couldn't get worse...

    This one's for you Judders!