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  1. Benj

    SuperCoachCoach #5

    Fort Bondi ...locked!
  2. Benj

    2021 Ranked SCC League Registration

    Team Name : Fort Bondi Previous Rankings 2020: 9797 2019: 22,772 2018: 8487 2017: 5979 2016: 820 2020 Leagues SCC#8, Patreon
  3. Benj

    Round 7 ponderings

    6 teams to have a bye between Rounds 9-12 The remaining 10 teams will have a bye after that Essendon and Melbourne deemed to have had their bye in Rd 3 SC likely to revert to Best 18 whenever teams have a bye week. It hasn’t been confirmed yet but it was discussed as the likely outcome should...
  4. Benj

    Round 3 Discussion

    Kelly is a late out. I’d trade him straight to Neale if you can.
  5. Benj

    SuperCoachCoach #8 - Season 2020

    Fort Bondi locked.
  6. Benj

    2020 Ranked SCC League Registration

    Team Name: Fort Bondi 2019 Ranking: 22772 ‍♂️SCC#7 2018 Ranking: 8487 SCC#5 2017 Ranking: 5979 2016 Ranking: 820
  7. Benj


    Def - 3 Mid - 3 Fwd - 2
  8. Benj

    SuperCoachCoach #7 - Season 2019

    Fort Bondi locked and loaded!
  9. Benj


    Ok. That’s helpful.
  10. Benj


    So I’m just going to say it...Rockliff? I know I know. But anyone who can score 170 SuperCoach points in a match, JLT or not, needs to be discussed. If he were 22 years on and on the way up, we’d all be picking him at his price as a breakout contender. But this is a guy who has seriously burned...
  11. Benj


    What’s doing my head in is the lack of viable alternatives to Grundy and Gawn. There’s not much value to be had anywhere (except maybe Mummy) but he’s out til Round 3 and has injury risk. The Rookies Smith, Clarke and Fort all have massive question marks over job security and/or scoring...
  12. Benj


    We’ll know more next week when Sheils, O’meara, Burgoyne and Smith rotate through. Looks ok though if they give home a crack.
  13. Benj


    Wowsers. Sounds like you’ve got some scar tissue there. I can understand your frustration. He’ll still be on my JLT watch list. Any listed Forward with a ceiling as high as Dunkley’s is worth a look. At the end of the day you’ve got to take a punt on one or two players if you want to separate...
  14. Benj


    Hi guys. Pre season at last. Dunkley is a big watch for me during JLT. Obviously he switched to the midfield in the second half of last year and his ceiling seems to be greater than Mclean's. He's a bigger body than Mclean too and I think he will potentially benefit from the new 6-6-6 rule...
  15. Benj

    2019 Ranked SCC League Registration

    Team Name: Fort Bondi 2018 Ranking: 8487 Other rankings: 5979 (2017), 820 (2016) SCC #5 in 2018
  16. Benj

    Round 11 Discussion & Trade Talk

    I'm the same guys. It's a coin flip. I've gone Rice because St Kilda have so many defenders out his JS looks good at least til the end of the byes. St Kilda's injuries down back: Carlisle 2 weeks (Supsension) Brown 2-3 weeks Acres 4-5 weeks Gilbert 4-5 weeks Roberton season But it'll depend on...
  17. Benj

    SuperCoachCoach #5 - Season 2018

    Fort Bondi back on board with SCC #5 for 2018. Giddy Up!
  18. Benj

    2018 Rookies

    Plus, I do think h I agree with you but I was using General Soreness in a more generic sense. Ruckman will miss games. Very few Ruckmen play 22 games in a season and I'd be surprised if this year was any different. All I'm saying is, having a genuine Rookie priced option as cover is preferable...
  19. Benj

    2018 Rookies

    I think due to the lack of Ruck/Fwd cover this year, it makes sense to have genuine Ruck cover if it's available. Otherwise it's a donut every time one of our Rucks miss a game with General Soreness. It was much easier to have a non-playing loophole as R3 last year cos we all had Nank or Ryder...
  20. Benj

    2018 Rookies

    Naismith out for 2018. Hurts as a supporter but opens the door for genuine Ruck Cover for SC. Don’t bank on Cameron getting games though. Sinclair will take on main ruck job and Horse has shown he’s happy to rotate Reid, Towers and even Allir as backup. An injury to Sinclair though means Cameron...