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  1. Benj

    Round 22 Discussion

    Yes it's the middle of SC Finals, but can we all just take a deep breath and be grateful that we are able to watch Buddy Franklin do his thing. He is a giant of the sport and the player of our generation.
  2. Benj

    Round 6 Discussion

    Thank you Horse! Newman back in the team is a great start to the weekend. Even 2 more games from him will see his price shoot up significantly as his break even is still -64. Thank Christ for our defensive rookies this year. They've been massive!
  3. Benj

    Round 22 Discussion

    Had Rocky VC but couldn't loophole without taking Matheson's 65 (my stupid fault). Put C on Maxy. Only finished 8 points worse off. Big scores coming in this week. I'm projected at 2700 with 6 players left. Cmon!!!
  4. Benj

    Round 20 Captains

    Danger v Essendon is the obvious C. VC is important this week with Danger on Sunday. A few options but I think Gawn has it for me. Hasn't gone large in a while but always has the potential. Would rather gamble with someone who can go big than a safe VC choice given that Danger is likely to go well.
  5. Benj

    Round 7 Trades

    Ok. So I'll kick things off. Who the hell is Josh Smith? I didn't see the Coll/WC match. Was it as good a game from him as the stats suggest? Any Collingwood supporters out there? What's his JS look like?