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  1. Lowrider

    Round 13 Discussion and Trade Talk

    Response to the post on the other thread about the bubble boys this week. Ahern and Mihocek have the bye this week. So does Taylor from GWS. Single gamers Redman and Smith also on the bye. Battle is the other single-gamer who will play this week but will have his bye in round 14. True...
  2. Lowrider

    Round 7 Discussion

    Lucky I put the E on Henry..... And lucky Acres isn't playing...
  3. Lowrider

    Trades before round 7

    What are we doing with Billings? The Saints have had a tough 4 weeks, but have been competitive the last 3 weeks and Billings hasn't been able to post a score. It doesn't get any easier over the next 6 weeks though: Demons Dockers (away) Magpies Tigers Eagles (away) Swans Things do get easier...
  4. Lowrider

    Round 4 discussion

    Dunkley :mad: Been a good pick and thankful for the ton today. But 0.4 and botching the potentially match-winning mark and goal in final minute - could have been up around the 150 today!!
  5. Lowrider

    Supercoach Prices and Breakevens Explained

    Thought as our cows are maturing it's worth looking at how Supercoach pricing works. I often here some inaccurate information and I think it's important to have a reasonable understanding to ensure you jump off the cows at the right time. One of the things that irks me is people say about cash...
  6. Lowrider

    Trades before round 4

    Burton, a pre-season gamble from a one-eyed Hawks supporter, is gone. Replaced by Richards. Will then use that cash to go up from Bradshaw to a cheaper midfield premium option. Looking at Macrae, Gibbs or Lyons. For some reason I just have this nagging concern in my head about Gibbs so not...
  7. Lowrider

    Round 3 discussion

    If I had a luxury trade this week it would have been Martin to Grundy. He looks to be the top ruck this year whether Cox is there or not.
  8. Lowrider

    Round 2 discussion

    Panicked. Checked team. Doedee on field. *fist pump*
  9. Lowrider

    Round 14 Discussion

    VC/C look interesting this week. I'm always hesitant to put the C on Danger, especially with a tagger in the opposition side (Blakely). There's no loophole options to be able to VC him either. The boys didn't mention him in the pod, but Sloane is the obvious VC for me. Hawks rarely tag and...
  10. Lowrider

    Round 11 Trades

    It's time to go Newman. BE of 80, on the bye and his 151 about to cycle out his time has come. Not sure who to target though, need 2 more premiums and aiming for Doch but he's on the bye. Might just bank cash to get Doch next week. Otherwise guys like WHE on the chopping block and probably...
  11. Lowrider

    Round 13 Discussion

    Reckon at least half of the teams in my leagues are on 223 after the first game - Wells (123) + Goldy (100). The sad ones are those on 279 thanks to also having Gibbo (49). Goldy very lucky to get a ton. Played more like a 70-80 I thought but must have had a good number of HTA.
  12. Lowrider

    Round 12 Captaincy

    Who are people going with this week? No Friday night options.... Thinking Bont into Gawn. Only issue is Gawn only scored 105 when they played the Pies earlier in the year and Witts is on the extended bench. If Witts isn't named I'll stick with it. Otherwise it's Bont into Danger.
  13. Lowrider

    Round 8 trades

    McCarthy to Petracca the obvious one for me. Lonergan and Mills the other potential outs. Leaves with enough cash to get anyone on any line in this week (or next week if I go a cheaper option this week) Questions to be answered: - Is Keays a must-have? Leaning towards no based on scoring and...
  14. Lowrider

    SC Scoring System

    Thought this was interesting from the Hun today and worth a look: Champion Data, which records the stats that power SuperCoach, reveals the most important stats that make up the scoring system. GOALS It is no great surprise that the main avenue to SuperCoach scoring is through kicking a goal...