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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    With Cameron down for a month, does this mean Danger plays CHF?
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    Which could be a real boon for us. Should be right to get a gig around rnd 7-8 which is prime downgrade time.
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    I'd go one of those guys. Of the three I think Clark is the best option. Jiath looked amazing but I think his JS is sketchy. Scrimshaw to come back into the side and he's up against Greaves. Having said that, he'll probably be the first choice along with Scrimshaw. Not sure he'll be clunking...
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    On that showing, it's difficult to judge. The entire Carlton midfield played like poo.
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    I agree with everything said here. Currently only have Ziebell and Impey in my side. Both playing halfback should net 70-75. Anything above that is a bonus. Daniher... well, i just can't trust him. Like others have said, Lions have a lot of avenues to goal and his body will undoubtedly let him...
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    2021 Ranked SCC League Registration

    I'd love to be in. Missed out last year. Team name is Will Day for it Rankings: 2020 - 12,928 2019 - 24,303 2018 - 16,606 2017 - 7,919 2016 - 967 2015 - 3,012 Clearly experimenting too much the last three seasons...
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    League Registration 2018 - Ranked SCC Leagues

    Team name: Birchall Reality 2017 ranking: 7919 Any other rankings before 2017: 2016 ranking: 967 2015 ranking: 3012 SCC league in 2017 (if applicable): NA
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    Rd 19 trades.......

    1 Trade left, going OS for two rounds and have Wingard stinking it up. Need to trade him out but only have $505k. Got Nank, Greenwood and Witherden as cover. My options are Sloane, Cotchin, Wines and Gray for midfield. Like the run home for the latter two. Gunston and JJK up forward, but that...