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    McGrath essendon

    I would agree that we need to see it for another week at least...I assume the urgency is because this is a Danger replacement and you have to make a decision soon? If you go by last season's midfield numbers you can't take much meaning out of high midfield scoring from one game where Essendon...
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    Round 2 Pondering's - What The Ruck?

    Good on you mate, that was a massive call and if this holds you are in the running to win. Should be an exciting season and I’d love to see it. For me, I’m not going to restructure. I think that trades are going to be at a premium this year and we just have to pick the most dependable premiums...
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    Round 2 Pondering's - What The Ruck?

    Lower ruck scoring had certainly been the theory in the preseason, but I’m not ready to concede that rucks are going to score all that differently yet. The game was a lot more contested than the preseason, so I think the rucks have a chance to bounce back. Week 1 is always silly season and we’ve...
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    SuperCoachCoach #1

    The Seppos are in. Thanks and good luck to everyone this year!
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    I completely get the thinking, and if it works out it probably puts you in contention. So, I see why you're going to do it, but I keep being a wet blanket lol Anyway, 3 thoughts below: (now that I have typed the post, the 3rd might be the most important...oops) 1- Are you really confident 2 of...
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    If we had an R3 to pair with Flynn who was actually guaranteed to play for awhile I might consider going 1 of the Gawn/Grundy with 2 ruck rookies. Even then, the best case scenario is using 3 trades to get to Gawn/Grundy. So, you've stuffed your upgrade cadence up and missed out on probably the...
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    I tell you what...after the preseason I cleared my team and then started from scratch (I highly recommend doing this a few times before you hit lockout). Importantly, I picked all the rookies I could first and then filled out the rest of my team. Surprisingly, I ended up very heavy premo in the...
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat every premo is probably a bit overpriced, but the midfield premos even more so. Probably lends some credence to looking for value in the mid premos, using Gawn/Grundy as the main captaincy options, and going heavier in the either or both of the fwd/def premium selection. Of course...
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    Interesting, thank you! I stand corrected. So now my question becomes "are the majority of the inflated scores actually in the mids?". I think you asserted that a couple posts back, but I'm still questioning (sorry, I am a pain) and I think it's worth wrapping our heads around it. Looking at...
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    I don't think you're looking too deeply into it; scoring was definitely affected by the changes last year. I suppose we just need to figure out exactly how and try to use it as a competitive advantage. For me, it looked like the rucks and the intercepting/rebounding defenders got the biggest...
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    I have all 3 in my side right now too...and I hate it. But, I just can't pay for a fwd premo I don't want/trust. I also don't see the rookies right now; I hope they show up. I'm thinking Ziebell goes 80-85 if healthy. I don't think he has the foot skills to top 90, but an 80avg is a win if...
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    2021 Ranked SCC League Registration

    Team Name: The Seppos 2020: 218 (SCC #5) 2019: 3782 (SCC #9) 2018: 17,114 (SCC #7) 2017: 5000 (SCC #8) 2016: 4727 Thanks guys!
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    Bye rounds part 2.14

    I am a Kelly owner as well. It sucks but hopefully he can bounce back quickly. I didn’t trade this week with an eye at upgrading McGrath (who im super happy with after i traded him in but it’s probably time to go with the matchups he’s got from here on out) to neale and goldstein to gawn...
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    Round 12 Blur....b

    Thanks! I've been fortunate to avoid injuries. I have basically just upgraded as cheaply as possible so I don't have any rookies on ground but I'm kind of worried about holding on to ranking down the stretch. The bye structure also is looking really good right now. The big question is how do I...
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    Round 12 Blur....b

    My god I didn't think the boys had it in them. Never had a round ranking of 23 before lol. And 712 overall isn't bad considering I'm letting Lachie Neale run against me all year...what a screw up.
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    Round 8 musings

    I am probably about to tank my season with my second trade this week...but why not go for it in this crazy year? After Baz I'm looking at McGrath and below are my reasons: I think with those extra trades and way too much cash built up in the bank I can go 6-up, 2-down over the next three weeks...
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    Round 6-? Hubs

    Agreed. It's probably best not to trade anyone in over the age of 27. I made my starting team really young and focused heavily on rookie correction trades in anticipation of this, so hopefully it actually pays off.
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    Round 5 Discussion

    Mate, I’ve got absolutely no idea about this season. I am an American, living in I always trade, set my team, and go to sleep right before the first Saturday games. This led to me stuffing round 3 up so badly I dropped to 40,885 overall afterwards. I am used to the occasional late...
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    Revised 2020 Supercoach Rules

    Actually, now that i think on it...we could see top scorers skyrocket to the point where 120 isn’t a viable captain score assuming scores still scale up and the stars play a higher TOG. Maybe we see a whole bunch of 130-140 averagers this season and it’s super hard to upgrade.
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    Revised 2020 Supercoach Rules

    Hmmmm, aren’t scores still scaling up bc each game is worth the same amount of points? If so i suppose it doesn’t matter that much...if not, then I’d just go with 80% of what you were expecting until we get proven differently. If starters push through everything like you said our rookies named...