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    SuperCoachCoach #6

    The Untouchables are in. All the best!
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    This is the longest TLDR I have ever seen haha
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    2021 Ranked SCC League Registration

    All the best everyone! 2020 - 58,682 (stinker) 2019 - 3,808 2018 - 10,612 2017 - 31,126 2020 SC League #7
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    Round 5 Discussion

    Thanks, mate. Agree they look to be the best of the bunch. I feel like Crisp is the most proven of this group (I already have Sicily).
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    Round 5 Discussion

    I loaded up with cash last week to bring in Gawn for Naismith this week but am also stuck with Howe. Crisp seems to be the only decent pick I can bring in with my available funds. Am I missing anyone else? It has been a brutal season so far.
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    SuperCoachCoach #7 - Season 2020

    Untouchables are in. Good luck all!
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    2020 Ranked SCC League Registration

    The Untouchables 2019 - 3,808 2018 - 10,612 2017 - 31,126 2019 SC League #14
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    Round 23 anyone??

    I lost my cash league last week by 14 points but on the bright side snuck through to the GF in my SC League (#14). Greene was out so rolled the dice and picked up Lynch hoping he can kick a bag, not too many other options at that price point (was a few K off getting Marshall). Good luck to all!
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    Round 20 Discussion and Trades

    big thanks to all on this thread! I had Stewart and T Lynch as my trade ins but after some advice here I swapped to Greene and Houli and this was more than enough to get me over the line in my cash league.
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    Round 20 Discussion and Trades

    That form at the G was not something I though of, I am now sold on Houli over Stewart on the run home. Stewart has also played all 18 games so far so I wonder if there is a chance he could be rested? There is strong competition for spots down back so they could give someone else a chance to slot...
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    Round 19 Discussion and Trades

    I decided to bank some cash and bring in Hill from GWS and then finish off my defence with Whitfield. If Marshall is a viable option next week then I might bring him in. Thanks!
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    Round 19 Discussion and Trades

    Selfish question here: I am going for the league, 6 trades left with $300k in bank and 2 rookies left to upgrade. I can pick up Marshall in the FWD line but this would use all my cash, leaving 5 trades left. He is over $600k now, do I have to let him go?
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    Round 16 Discussion and Trades

    Any love for Jeremy Cameron this week? Has a decent run home and is well priced. Has had a quiet few weeks but usually bounces back after a spell like this.
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    Round 14 Discussion and Trades

    It would definitely help get a fully upgraded team with the lack of cash generation this season. It pains me to have to move on some of these rookies in the low $200's so I could use the cash elsewhere. I wonder if there will be a huge spike in viewing if/when Harley Bennell plays his first...
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    Round 13 Discussion and Trades

    At first glance he appears to be doing OK but maybe I’ll pick someone else. Thanks!
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    Round 13 Discussion and Trades

    What are people’s thoughts on Ryan vs Sicily? I’ve got room for another upgrade and am tossing up between Worpel or waiting a week and going for Cameron. Cheers!
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    Fixture, Player and Price Projection Analysis

    Time for Balta and Clark to go, trouble is who to bring in!
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    Round 10 Discussion and Trades

    Thanks! I was burned by Billings last year so I think I will sleep better at night with the Boak trade. Slim pickings up FWD this season.
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    Round 10 Discussion and Trades

    Boak or Billings in this week? Billings 80k cheaper and has potential to take his game to another level. Boak is older but has done it before. With cash generation tight I could use this 80k on another upgrade next week like Lloyd down back.
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    Round 10 Discussion and Trades

    +1 on the rookies, scores in the 20's and 30's were not great. Fortunately they were not on the field but doesn't make it easy for planning. Fort for the Cats did well after 1 game but JS will be the key. Thank god I held on to Balta! Parker and Duursma have to go.