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  1. Bombers56

    Round 5 - Highmore and other defensive disasters...

    I am lucky that I started Gawn + Grundy, but if I was in your situation I would be looking seriously at Hickey. I would be holding Campbell if you can, he has plenty of cash to make.
  2. Bombers56

    Round 5 - Highmore and other defensive disasters...

    I would be trading him, he has not been scoring well. Ridley is expensive but boy is he scoring. Perhaps Bowes if you don't want to spend so much. I believe he will end up top 8.
  3. Bombers56

    McGrath essendon

    He certainly played well at the weekend and looks to have improved from last season. Also looked fitter. Can you give it another week to see?
  4. Bombers56

    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    I think the problem with him is that it looks like he has to serve the suspension in the league that he committed the offence and that does not start for another 3 weeks.
  5. Bombers56

    SuperCoachCoach #5

    The Try Agains are in. Thanks for organising this.
  6. Bombers56

    2021 Ranked SCC League Registration

    Team name: The Try Agains. 2020: 16,357 Leagues: JJ, KK & SCC7
  7. Bombers56

    The Finals Countdown....

    No Gawn or Neale for me, both traded through the last month. Capt Grundy to go and also Greenwood tonight.
  8. Bombers56

    Bye rounds part 2.15

    All teams have a bye this round. The next games are in round 16.
  9. Bombers56

    Bye rounds part 2.14

    I have been thinking of J Martin too but not convinced. Not sure if I should go for someone like him or try to go for someone better. Would not be holding Wingard.
  10. Bombers56

    Round 8 musings

    I think they have brought the fun back into the game. Going to be so hard next year going back to normal trades.
  11. Bombers56

    Round 7 ponderings

    A double downgrade for me this week and if I get them wrong this week, even a potential double downgrade the following week as well. But I am looking at leagues, I am well placed at the moment so can afford to drop a game.
  12. Bombers56

    Round 6-? Hubs

    I wonder if this talk of 8 man benches will start to lower scores as players spend more time on the bench?
  13. Bombers56

    Round 5 Discussion

    Brander out is a big loss for me.
  14. Bombers56

    Round 5 Discussion

    I would hold Fyfe this week. With what is going on with the virus and border closers I can see a 14 day break while they move players into hubs. We have seen how Gawn has recovered with a break. If we do have another one Fyfe will have recovered by the time we restart. Probably won't happen, but...
  15. Bombers56

    Round 4 stuff

    I think we have all had weeks like this. Got a few I need to trade this week .
  16. Bombers56

    Round 4 stuff

    Not sure what to do with Grundy. 131 or Neale? Have both Naismith and Howe, wonder what the rest of the round is going to bring.
  17. Bombers56

    Round 3 Discussion

    Another poor game, worried about the future of or game.
  18. Bombers56

    Round 3 Discussion

    I am in the same boat. Been wanting to trade Kelly all week and was going to go Naismith to Pittonet. Now thinking of going Dusty to Pittonet (I have had Cameron from the start) and Kelly to Fyfe. Will leave me $400K to upgrade Naismith to Gawn next week.
  19. Bombers56

    Round 2.

    Are T Brown $123,900 and J Noble $215,400 must haves? I hate Thursday night games. Will have an hour once teams drop to sort thing out.
  20. Bombers56

    Round 2.

    I have Roberton not sure what to do. Will wait until teams to drop and panic then.