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Discussion in 'SuperCoach Discussion' started by Rupert, Apr 7, 2021.

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    May 2, 2015
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    Another week of correction trades for me:
    Young->Chapman and Phillips->Ridley via Dunkley and Clark
    The Young one is forced by injury and it gives me enough cash to bring in Ridley.
    I don't necessarily want to lose Phillips - although he's been disappointing - but I don't want to be without Ridley another week.

    I've looked at some of Ridley's key stat.s and it's no wonder he is scoring so well.
    Rnd.1: 100% TOG; 21 possies at 95.5%; 7/8 team kick-ins and 7/7 play on
    Rnd.2: 100% TOG; 32 possies at 90.6%; 10/11 team kick-ins and 9/10 play on
    Rnd.3: 90% TOG; 35 possies at 82.9%; 13/14 team kick-ins and 11/13 play on

    If he can continue in this form........
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    Apr 29, 2015
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    For me, it would have to be Petracca to Ridley ... to much sideways IMHO. Mind you, he is yet to go below 125, and Petracca is yet to break the ton ... am I beginning to talk myself into this?

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