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    Top 6 Defenders (from now)

    I am getting him for a couple of reasons 1) i am HOPING he gets a full game and hits or gets a 90+ point game 2) POD 3) Last bye round KILLED me! Went from rank 7,000 to 14,000 in one week 4) I am going NUTS this season!
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    Top 6 Defenders (from now)

    Yea i have liked newnes. However I have not had him in my team at all this season. I remembered back to 2014 season when everyone was hyping Jimmy Webster and he became a turd in my underpants. I was weary and at the start of this season i was happy in not picking him, however now he is finding...
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    Top 6 Defenders (from now)

    yea thats what i thought he has a BE of 114 - but im bringing him in this week with the hope that he hits his BE I have B.Smith too so im hoping they both fire this week With Lever a possible in for the Crows this could mean more points for B.Smith
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    Supercoach Mad

    Supercoach Mad
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    A scc business idea.

    I was a Club Jock member and that was $8 every 3 Months. I pay $20 for Supercoach Gold so i would pay b/w $10-$20 a year for some awesome Podcast Community Content
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    A scc business idea.

    Sad day too RIP Jock, Higgo and CourchingOne #welcome Heres to Weekend At Bernies 4 - Flapping Tarp Studios
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    Shaun McKernan

    I brought McKernan in for his 2nd game as i had no other options and was desperate for the last bye round (needed a downgrade for Tarrant) Plays well, and looks good around the ground. I expect him to get another crack this weekend. Fingers crossed he gets another 90+ score to hold off Giles...
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    Cannot believe Franklin and Tippet got less than 2 weeks. Disgrace
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    Top 6 Defenders (from now)

    Im going to go with who my 6 DEF players are as of this weekend (fingers crossed) Shaw, Higgins, Taylor, Burgoyne, B.Smith and finally.. Malceski Im bringing him in this week as a huge risk. Looked GREAT coming on as the sub on the weekend and i hope being the sub has lit a fire in the belly