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    SuperCoachCoach #5

    The Awesomeness is in! Let's have a great year!
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    2021 Ranked SCC League Registration

    The Awesomeness Last few finishes: 14k, 12k, 2k, 11k, 5k. Best finish of 530 a few years back. Last year in SCC#5 plus patreon leagues.
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    Way too many changes for me off the weekend's games. It's so hard to judge off just one game. Do we load up on defenders? The new rules seem to play right into the hands of rebounders and kickout takers so much. It's not even so much a matter of going full premo but looking for the right role...
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    SC 2021 Pre Season Chat

    There's way too many tempting midpriced guys this year. I'm often happy to go with one of them and cut my losses if it doesn't work out but all of Daniher, Impey and Ziebell are priced between 212k-258k and could (should) average around 85. I like it but I don't. It screams "trap", but there's...
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    2020 Rucks

    I can't not start with Grundy. Way too consistent and permanent C/VC option. I currently have Nicnat at R2. Still toying with Naismith at R2 and having 240k in bank to go early on a rookie price spike, latching onto a form premo before they get too expensive (eg Roberton/Noble up to a 480-500k...
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    SuperCoachCoach #5 - Season 2020

    The Awesomeness is in. Let's have a good year!
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    2020 Forwards

    Menegola and Steven are different players. Steven has the pace and flair to fill the Kelly role. Menegola doesn't. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see some of the kids go past Menegola this year and have him on the fringes of the 22. Steven is a lock for mine.
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    2020 Backs

    Happy to see some other teams with Houston and Doc as D1 and 2. I think there's a lot of value down back this year which lets me spend up over the rest of the field.
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    2020 Ranked SCC League Registration

    The Awesomeness 2019 : terrible, 21k 2018 : not much better, just inside 20k Previous to that, 7 years ranked between 500 and 12k. SCC leagues: Ranked league was #2 I think? Also in various patreon and forum leagues.
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    2020 Begins

    All guns blazing, fit and firing, burning up the track... All the usual cliches. I'd love to see him get a good run at it as he's got all the tools to be an absolute superstar. This is the best preseason he has ever had. If he plays round 1, you have to start him.
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    Round 7 discussion & trades

    Those trades look fine but Clark will definitely play, so if that's the only reason you're trading then you can afford to hold off.
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    Round 7 discussion & trades

    Hately dropped really threw a spanner in the works! If I knew he wasn't going to play then I would have taken Ross. You confident Shultz will be around for a while?
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    Round 5 Discussion and Trades

    I'm strongly considering doing something very similar. Its got some risk attached to it but as long as he plays another 4+ games or so then it should make it worth while. Even better if he can hang around til the byes.
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    Round 3 Discussion and Trades

    Yep same. Duursma rallied a little, he was looking at a 40s score for a while. I'd say most teams have him and Drew on field though. Setterfield looks like a bust. Might be a slow burn $$ maker on the bench but you couldn't field him. I'm heading for high 2200s, maybe 2300, and I feel like I've...
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    Round 3 Discussion and Trades

    Not saying Martin is a win at all. He might absolutely burn me. Just saying I don't see him as a top 8 mid from here so I was happy to aggressively move him on.