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    Quiet in here, isn't it?

    Quiet in here, isn't it?
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    Whats Happening?

    It's still awfully quiet in here. Whatever happened to regular forum members?
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    Round 4 stuff

    For me, it would have to be Petracca to Ridley ... to much sideways IMHO. Mind you, he is yet to go below 125, and Petracca is yet to break the ton ... am I beginning to talk myself into this?
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    SC Scoring System

    What does a clanger cost?
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    SC Scoring System

    We know for sure that this is not the entire scoring system. Regarding hard ball v. loose ball gets, is there any difference in the score for the kick / handball prior?
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    2021 Ranked SCC League Registration

    Team name: Prospectors SCC 2020 ranking: 19,707 Other rankings before 2020: FBD has them SCC league in 2020 (if applicable): JJ and KK and another.
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    Round 3 Discussion

    Dusty to Rozee feels good.
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    Round 3 Discussion

    I reckon most of us must have picked up a Viney, a Howe, a cash generator. In such a short season, now must be points on field time?
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    2020 restart

    Surely not for players who play their first game this week? Or are all players changing all year based on 2 weeks scores?
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    2020 restart

    I'd have thought so ...
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    Revised 2020 Supercoach Rules

    Damn good question! I think we are stuck with what we see.
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    SuperCoachCoach #9 - Season 2020

    Prospectors SCC is in, thx Marcus.
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    2020 Starting Structure

    3,0,5 5,0,6 2,0,1 1,2,5
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    2020 Backs

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    2020 Ranked SCC League Registration

    Prospectors SCC 2019: under 20k - a tough year! [16732] Donk has the rest of my history ...