Rookies, Backline Premiums & More #SCCPodcast.2016-R7

Rookies are top-of-mind this week! After four price movements, the cash cows are starting to moo. We identify the top rookie trade-outs, as well as consider the downgrade options.

We also discuss backline premiums for those upgrading a Dea/Weitering type this week, and finish the show by comparing D.Martin v M.Barlow v T.Greene!

Fyfe Injured, Replacements & More #SCCPodcast.2016-R6

Another round of AFL in the books, and yet another SuperCoach premium injured. This week's main discussion point: Fyfe injured, now who to replace him with?

We also discuss rookie options for those downgrading, as well as analyse underperforming premiums: J.Bartel, J.Lonergan, S.Gray and more!